Allington Castle Archers


Allington Castle Archers, considers membership applications, from people aged 11 and over, meaning that it is something that the whole family can do together!

Where a member is a Junior (aged under 18), the club requires that a parent or guardian accompanies the Junior at all times.

Members of the club are required to affiliate to Archery GB, a County Archery Association (KAA), and a Regional Archery Association (SCAS). Archery GB, is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of target archery in the UK. As members of the Archery GB, club members may also be able to shoot at open competitions across the UK and, by arrangement (guest or green fees may apply), will also be able to shoot as guests at other Archery GB affiliated clubs in the UK.

Members who are affiliated to Archery GB, receive a free copy of the magazine "Archery UK" on a quarterly basis. This is the official Archery GB magazine which includes interesting articles together with details of all the competitions that are open to members. If you don't currently receive your copy, please let our Club Secretary Dominic know and they will ensure that your name is added to the mailing list.

On any tournament, or shoot, all members are asked and encouraged to assist with the set up and activities in running the shoot, please let your availability for assistance be known to the tournament organiser or club Captain or Vice Captain

The annual membership fees and green fees run from 1st of March to 28th of February, the following year

For 2018/19, the annual membership fees were due on 1st of March 2018, and run until the 28th of February 2019

For 2019/20, the annual membership fees are due on 1st of March 2019, and run until the 28th of February 2020

Please note the membership fees do not cover the cost of indoor shooting, for which a separate fee is required, and you will need to additionally pay to affiliate to Archery GB, to be permitted to shoot. We also ask that all people shooting on our club grounds, or at our shoots display their current Archery GB membership card or the official Archery GB proof of payment certificate from their club.

  • Seniors (25 years +) :£65.00 per year
  • Young Adult (18 to 24 years) :£32.00 per year
  • Juniors (to 17 years) : £32.00 per year
  • Household : £ varies - contact the Secretary
  • Associate: £40.00 per year

  • Green Fees [An Archery GB member (to display card), and invited by a Senior Full member of Allington Castle Archers, who is also present, and responsible for the invited archers conduct and fee payment]: £5.00 per day

  • Indoor Fees [member and associate members]: £ 3.00 per session
  • Indoor Fees [non members by invitation - please check there is space for you]: £ 4.00 per session
  • Archery GB, KAA, SCAS Members Affliation Fees payments for 2017/2018 will also be required

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