Coaching, Tips and Advice

Below are some coaching tips and advice. Also some links to sites with helpful guidance.

Bow checks

Check the string. Is the serving OK? Check the loops as well as the centre.
String the bow – does the nocking point need redoing?
Before renewing, check bracing height (distance from throat of handle to the Nocking Point on the string). If too small add twists to shorten string (two twists will add a mm). This may change the position of the Nocking Point. Its position on the string should be 3 or 4 mm above the horizontal. Less and fletchings touch the rest. More and the arrow goes up and down during its flight (I think that’s the right way round).
Now don’t forget to fit your button. When the string pushes the arrow forward the latter bends and the side of the bow being solid, pushes the arrow away from the bow, but a spring takes up the push due to the bend and thus the arrow goes straight. Now view the bow vertically, the string lined up down the centre line up with the centre of the sight. Now fit an arrow so that viewed as above keeping the string down the centre of the sight, the inside edge of the pile is in line with the outside edge of the string. If not move the whole button in or out as required. This is “Centre Shot” and should not be changed. If arrows are going to the left or right alter the spring strength or spine rating of your arrows.


Check the fletchings/feathers, make sure they are all secure and not ripped.
Check the shafts for bends, cracks, chips and splits. For carbon/aluminium shafts check the carbon has not come apart from the aluminium.
Check the points. Make sure they are secure.
Check the nocks. Make sure they they are not cracked, splits and damaged. Make sure they fit the string snug.

Easton Archery arrow selector Here.
Easton Archery arrow tuning guide here.
Crystal Palace Bowmen have a good arrow calculator Here.


If a member would like some coaching or instruction, he or she should ask for advice from a qualified Coach, Instructor or Senior Archer. Please remember Coaches, Instructors and Senior Archers are archers themselves so coaching times should be pre-arranged.

Useful Links

Archery GB’s Rules of Shooting is available to download Here , just search for ‘rules’ and it will be available in the list to view and/or download.

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