ACA Rules of Shooting

No archer may shoot alone.
Roping off the field and signage to be set out every time shooting takes place.
All arrows shot must be identifiable to the Archer and numbered (Ref Archery GB Rules of Shooting)
If an arrow is deemed LOST, the archer must follow the ACA Lost Arrow policy. Failure to comply will be seen as a disciplinary matter.
Stated times to be strictly adhered to.
Setting out and clearing of the field is the responsibility of everyone who shoots.
Field layout: The Longest distance target must be situated on the right-hand side of the field when viewed from the shooting line.
The school gate must be closed whilst shooting is taking place.
Equipment store to be locked when not in use.
No dogs allowed on the field at any time.
If you are the last to leave, please ensure that the toilet, equipment store and all gates are locked.
Visitors who are Archery GB members are welcome to shoot on CLUB days, but green fees will apply.