ACA Championships


Sunday 28th July 2024




10:00 AM


WA 1440 and Metrics I, II, III, IV, V


Trophies and Medals
1440 Pure Score
Club Champion Recurve Gent
Club Champion Recurve Lady
Club Champion Compound Lady/Gent Jan Newman Trophy
Club Champion Barebow Lady/Gent

Trophies and Medals
Handicap (any Metric 12 Dozen Round)
1st Overall Recurve Gent
1st Overall Recurve Lady
1st Overall Compound Lady/Gent
1st Overall Barebow Lady/Gent

Gillian Award I Junior U14 Archer Metric IV
Gillian Award II Junior U16 Archer Metric III Gillian Award III Junior U18 Archer Metric II

Short Metric 3 doz at 50m and 3 doz at 30m
Past Times Trophies and Medals

Pure Score
1st Recurves Lady, Gent and Junior
1st Compounds Lady, Gent and Junior
1st Longbows Lady, Gent and Junior

Carter Trophy – Awarded to the 1st year archer who has most improved their handicap on the day of the shoot. (beginner Best Effort if applicable)
Most Gold’s Trophies – Awarded to the archer with the Best Gold at the last end of 50m.
Penny’s Pairs – Any archer shooting on the day will have their name drawn and will be paired in that way with another. The sum of their Handicap scores are entered for the award, the Trophies (shared by the pair) and medals (each) will be awarded to the highest scoring pair.