1. West Borough Junior School

a. Members of the Club and its visitors shall protect and respect the grounds and property of West Borough Junior School.
b. Any person misbehaving, trespassing or causing nuisance or damange may have their name and address taken and be asked to leave the School grounds forthwith. If the person is a member of the Club, the Committee on receiving a complaint may discipline the member by expulsion, suspension or otherwise.
c. If you are the last to leave the field, please ensure that storage/toilet facilities and the main gate are locked.
d. No dogs are allowed within the school premises.

2. Field Captain

a. At any shoot organised by Allington Castle Archers, one Senior archer present shall be chosen to act as Field Captain. Any shooting day may be a Club Target Day, provided that there shall be a minimum of 2 archers shooting, in addition to any target days appointed on the fixture list or other Committee notice.

b. The Field Captain shall be responsible for:

(i) The correct set-up of the range, including the necessary safety roping off, with the assistance of those present. By convention longest targets to the right of the field when viewed from the shooting line.

(ii) Proper use of equipment and adequate supervision of inexperienced archers.

(iii) Control of shooting, giving the signal preferably by whistle for the start and finish of each end. (Note that in any emergency e.g. stray animals, the command “Fast” indicates hold-fast and an immediate stoppage of shooting.)

(iv) On completion, the clearing away and storage of equipment with the assistance of those present.

(v) Locking up.

c. The Field Captain will be in sole charge. No shooting may take place without their permission and archers and spectators will be subject to their orders. They will have the power to ban any person from shooting if in their opinion it is undesirable for that person to shoot. They should have available copies of the Club Rules and Bye-Laws and the Archery GB Rules of Shooting, for their reference and guidance of archers.

3. Safety Precautions

a. Shall be as ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting.
b. Archery Etiquette will be observed at all times (see Archery GB Rules of Shooting – Appendix A.)
c. No archer may shoot on their own unless accompanied by a responsible adult
d. Our field is not wide enough to accommodate two fields with the required 20 yard buffer zone with the necessary roping off.
e. A safe waiting position must be created by roping off access from the playground area before shooting commences. Archers wishing to join the field after this can only do so under the direction of the Field Captain.

4. Coaching and Practice

a. If a member would like some coaching or instruction, he or she should ask for advice from a qualified Coach, Instructor or Senior Archer, making mutually convenient arrangements.
b. Practice may take place on targets set out for the purpose when others are shooting rounds, except on match or tournament days. Some give and take is necessary when a course of instruction for beginners is being held and the Field Captain should ensure that the progress of a round is not held up unnecessarily. NB: Members intending to shoot a designated round may not practice on the ground on the same day. (See Archery GB rule 104(1).)
c. Inexperienced archers should not expect tuition when coaches are themselves shooting, but any member willing to do so may help another.

5. Care of Club Equipment

a. The Range and Equipment Officer is the custodian of Club equipment. Members should handle Club equipment with due care to avoid damage. Any damaage or loss of equipment should be reported to this Officer.
b. No Junior or unqualified archer may use Club equipment unless under adequate supervision by a Senior member.

6. Matches, Tea Shoots and Visitors

a. At Home MKL Matches the Social Secretary is responsible for the management of refreshments.
b. Visiting teams do not pay target fees.

7. Scoring, Handicaps and Classifications

a. Scores for all rounds shot should be recorded, collected and delivered promptly to the Records Officer, including scores made at away shoots.
b. The Records Officer will maintain the Club records for each archer. He or she will operate the Archery GB Handicap Scheme and Archery GB Classification Scheme.
c. Beginners who are not qualified to shoot all the rounds are restricted to shooting at shorter ranges under the Club Grading Scheme.
d. Club Records may only be claimed when shot at a Club Tournament or Club Target Day or at an outside Tournament and accompanied by the original score sheet duly signed and witnessed, or an official results sheet as sent out by the Organiser(s) of the Meeting.

8. Grading Scheme

a. Beginners and new members who are not classified archers will commence shooting at 20 yards until progressively qualified to shoot at the longer distances as required in the tables shown on the Qualifying page.
b. When feeling competent at a distance, they should nominate their attempts to qualify, scores being properly recorded and checked under supervision by an Instructor or Senior Archer.
c. Shooting may be continued at a distance until the total score from 3 consecutive dozen in 1 session equals or exceeds the qualifying minimum. The recorded score sheet should be counter-signed, complete with name, distance and date, and retained by the archer.
d. Rounds for beginners are incorporated within the Club shoots, in order to enable the new archer to progress within the body of the Club and work towards the achievement of a handicap.
e. For ladies the maximum qualifying range is 80 yards. For gentlemen the maximum qualifying range is 100 yards. For Juniors the maximum varies with age and sex. An archer may only shoot a round if he or she has qualified at the longest distance in that round. Until maximum ranges are achieved, an unqualified archer may not shoot unsupervised.

9. Rounds

Rounds for Target Archery are as contained in the current Archery GB Handicap Tables.

10. General
Club Members should have on display their Archery GB cards whilst shooting.

A copy of the byelaws can be downloaded Here