Lost Arrow Policy

When an Archer fails to find a lost arrow, they MUST follow this procedure:

1) The Archer with a lost arrow is to agree with the Field Captain that the arrow is lost. The archer MUST then complete a lost arrow form (located in club hut). The archer should complete the following information: Target number (1 to 10) and the distance being shot, plus any other helpful information to the Chairman, or other suitable officer (i.e. the Vice Chairman or club Secretary), via telephone and/or Email. The completed form can be scanned and emailed to the school and Chairman.

2) The Chairman or other suitable officer will inform the school via Email to office@west-borough.kent.sch.uk

3) The Chairman will inform the lost arrow group (Members to be agreed). We have permission to search the grounds prior to 09:00 (Note the school is open from 06:30 during term time). Once found the school should also be informed ASAP.

4) Once the arrow has been found the school and Chairman must be notified

5) NOTE: If an arrow is found which has not been reported as lost and searched for, the archer responsible will be subject to the disciplinary procedure for bringing the club into Disrepute.