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Allington Castle Archers is an open club and is one of the longest-established Archery clubs in Kent and the south east. The club was formed in 1969 and was based at Allington Castle. It has a large active membership covering all the bow types available recurve, compound, longbow and barebow.

As you will realise, the club celebrated its 50th year in 2019.

The Medieval shoot was held on Monday 6th of May 2019, and was said to be a lot of fun, and the Whitefriars – a UK record status shoot comprising the rounds of St. George, Albion & Windsor, was held on Sunday 18th of August 2019, on the Archers field at Allington Castle

The club focuses mainly on target archery, with some members going to field shoots that are held around the country. There are several coaches among the membership that can, upon request, assist fellow archers develop their skills. There is a wealth of experience in the club, with a number of very active archers – archers new to the area and beginners are welcome to enquire about membership.

We shoot outdoors all year round on weekends, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the summer, on the evenings when we are able to book the venue, we also shoot indoors during the winter months.

Would you like to try archery? To find out more about having a go at archery or to book a place on one of our beginners courses please click Here

Chairman’s Welcome Message

Dear Member, as your new Chairman I’d like to welcome you to our club and extend an invitation, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any, suggestions, comments, questions or concerns about our club. We have a great club, I believe one of the best in our region and would like us to work together to make it even better for all of our members. So, a direct question to you. What more can our committee or I do for you to improve your experience at Allington Castle Archers? If you have any questions, concerns, need help or require assistance, please just ASK. This can be achieved via either, face to face, any of our social media (Facebook, WhatsApp), telephone or Email. We are all archers and have a passion for our sport. Best Wishes

Chairman, ACA

Secretary’s Message

In order to improve, at archery, what do we need, and how would we get towards that goal – lots of practise, quality shots each improving on the last, a mind unbothered by other things – concentrating on just the shot, and bringing your body into a sequence that is fluid and smooth. How do you put this into words – well an attempt to this is : Dedication and Harmony, towards Perfection

As you may know, there are a number of our members, who have undertaken a first aid course. This has highlighted that it would be useful for members to keep emergency contact details on them, with details for use in case of emergency. So, the club committee is asking members, to consider providing this information. One method is to have the details located on a card, attached to your quiver or quiver belt.

If a club member has a query about any aspects of our club, or a question to ask about the Calendar or other archery related matter, please consider contacting the Club Secretary, and they will assist, or point you to someone that can.

When contacting the club, please provide a valid email address, along with a phone number. It would be helpful if you use the email address for the Secretary, and also include ACA in the start of the subject line.

Secretary, ACA